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Should I Start a Fitness Spinning Class?

IF I’m Obese and Out of Shape?

Lose Weight FAST!

For as long as I can remember, fitness workouts and some time of exercise has been something I have been very active in, ever since I was a little child, a competitive spirit I definitely got from my dad. As an active child, I was naturally driven to competitive sports and games, especially athletics, something I kept going at through my teenage years. I love doing workouts by lifting weights, very challenging type of workouts and generally anything that pushes my physical capabilities harder or extreme to the limit. I heard of fitness spinning classes the first time when I was 17, but because I did I was not so much into cycling and outdoor sports, I did not pay much attention to the fitness magazines that covered what it was and what health benefits fitness spinning workouts comes with. That was until I got my first job and a friend I worked with had so much praises for this form of workout.

Fitness Spinning for Weight Loss

Fitness Spinning


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After reading a short blurb about fitness spinning online and learnt that this is one of the fastest calorie burning workouts and one of the best workouts to tone leg and thigh muscles, I decided I should go along and try it. Sure enough, I was not disappointed after my cousin Jim introduced me to a fitness spinning class he was a member of. That is how I got into spinning and eventually tried and loved outdoor cycling too. Now that you are reading about fitness spinning and want to know about indoor cycling, I have some valuable first-hand information that will make you understand just how beneficial this type of fitness classes can be.

Spinning isn’t Cycling. What are Fitness Spinning Classes?

Fitness spinning is a form of exercise that is perfect for losing those extra pounds, toning muscles or preventing fat or obesity through constant exercising. This is a very intense and challenging workout, and as a workmate of mine described it, fitness spinning will destroy you but it destroys everyone equally including accumulated fats in the body. Despite the challenge and the difficulty in getting started on the ‘saddle’, maintaining a spinning fitness schedule, preferably 2 to 3 times a week will get you hooked because you get to exercise with other spin lovers. The most important point to know here is that fitness spinning is an exercise done in groups and in so doing, enthusiasts get to network with other enthusiasts which is great for motivation.

The reason fitness spinning is popularly referred to as fitness spinning classes is because the thes types of fitness workout is done as a group of anywhere between half a dozen to two dozen members on fitness spinning bikes led by an instructor on slow rides and fast sprints through hills and plains, and other fun exercises such as circuits and intervals. Fitness Spinning classes often last between 45 and 60 minutes and are set to fast pacing music. If you though fitness spinning involved getting perched on a stationary bike and pedaling your life away, think again!

How to Get Started with Fitness Spinning Classes

In the early 90s, fitness spinning was considered a feminine workout but you can walk into a gym today and find more men than women strapped on stationary bikes. The first time I contemplated trying out a fitness spinning class, I wondered if I’m the only male that is in the class! Do any other guys spin?

I learnt that fitness spinning, while it is a lot like cycling, has much more benefits because the stationary bikes are designed and made specifically for indoor fitness and spinning for people of both sexes and all ages to benefit from. Here are the most important considerations you should know even before you enroll for a fitness spinning class. When you find the right spin class to join, you will not have a problem keeping up appearance. My colleague, Jim, started doing fitness spin last year as a supplement during the winter months but eventually started going year-round.

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First off, you must find a gym offering fitness spinning classes. In this age of information, finding the right bike shouldn’t be so hard, but you must ensure that the gym you choose has bikes that are well cushioned, standardized for ergonomic cycling and must be adjustable. Simply put, the best spin bike is one that makes it easy for you to do the hard thing that is to keep up a fitness routine. When starting in a fitness spinning class if obese/out of shape, having an easy to use, comfortable bike goes a long way to reinforce the simplicity and efficiency of fitness spinning workouts and you will find it easier to stay motivated and to maintain your fitness schedule.

How Workouts With Spinning Will Benefit You

If you are still apprehensive on the benefits of spinning, you should know some of the celebrities that are totally hooked to it as a way to stay fit, maintain a sexy figure and prevent fats from accumulating. These include former Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Wilde, soccer star David Beckham, and Britney Spears among others. Just why do these celebs, with killer bodies that earn them millions of dollars every year, stick to fitness spinning classes as their primary form of of your personal fitness schedule? What do need to do to ensure you reap the same health and physical benefits?

Regular exercising: You will never really get a toned and fit body unless you add a fitness routine to your regular schedule. This means that you will need to find a class for workout fitness spinning and attend it religiously at least twice a week. The real benefits begin to show weeks or even months after you start working out, but they last forever.

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Right instructor: While fitness spinning appears as simple as cycling, proper combination of inclines and resistance is not all it takes to work the right muscles, you need a skilled and experienced instructor to guide and motivate you especially through the first couple of weeks. Most people who just walk into the gym blindly or buy stationary bikes for use at home often get frustrated because they lack the right formula to achieve their desired results.

Quality equipment: As mentioned before, getting the best spinning bike may be the secret to losing that one-pack belly, baby fat or underarms fat causing you sleepless nights. Besides the bike, you must also invest in good shoes and workout clothes, gloves if you need them and quality time. Slot your workouts for a specific time every day because consistency will help you achieve your expectations much sooner and with less effort.