Looking for a Good Fitness Cardio Exercise? Give A Spinning Workout a Try

For most people, the desire to get fit, lose weight and have a sexy or athletic figure is often impeded by lack of motivation, time or desire to exercise.  Before I got hooked to spinning, I had tried many workouts and athletic games – from cycling and cross-country marathons to the treadmill and indoor basketball, but there was always something I crashed into – monotony and boredom.  If you identify with these problems, perhaps it is your turn to give spinning fitness a try.

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“If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced workout, spinning class is for you. Regardless of your age, weight, or fitness level; this class is for everyone. It is.”

What is Spinning Class?

The spinning involved in spin class, are the bicycle wheels. Spinning exercise class is an indoor cycling workout experience. Spinning is a cardio workout that is generally instructed with music. They are generally around an hour long, but these times may differ for beginner classes.

Spinning class is not straight forward in terms of cycling. Your instructor will be there to assist you, guiding you through the workout. You may be instructed to pedal faster, put on more resistance or even stand and pedal. There are a number of different possibilities. Your instructor will be there as a guide, but you can gage how you feel. If you need to lower your resistance, no problem. There is nothing competitive about it.

Spinning Workout

What You Can Expect

Here are a few things that you may expect from spinning class:

  1. Variation: As mentioned, your instructor will assist you during the workout. There will be steps you can take to make your workout easier or even more challenging. You will be on your own personal cycle, so you can adjust your workout accordingly.
  2. Muscle Ache: If you’re new to spinning, you may notice some muscle ache the following day. This will improve over time. If you are attending spinning classes regularly, your overall muscle tone will increase.
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  3. Fatigue: It will be normal to feel some exhaustion, especially if you’re new to spinning. The key here is to never suddenly stop. If you’re working out and feel high levels of fatigue, slow your workout down before stopping. You would not want to experience become light headed, let your body slow down more naturally.
  4. Fun: Besides working on your overall health, fun is one of the most important aspects. When music is playing while you’re spinning with friends; you’re bound to have fun.

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Spinning is a lot like cycling, except that you work out on a stationary bike, in a room and the workout environment is controlled.  This is a very enjoyable workout you get to do in a group, but without the disadvantage of getting rushed into workout intensities you are not ready.  When you get to learn all the benefits that a spinning workout brings it will not be so hard to stick to a schedule and because it is an aerobic and cardiovascular workout, when you enroll for the right class, arm yourself with the best workout equipment and put your heart in the exercise, you will have settled for a fun workout routine where your ‘classmates’ will be a constant motivator to push your body to the limits.


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