What to Look for When Choosing the Best Spinning Workout DVD

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Finding the best Spinning Workout DVD to use as a self-pacing guide during your spinning workouts at home can be involving, especially now that there are all kinds of DVDs on sale that purport to be the best.  If you are in search for one, here are some of the most important things to look for to ensure you settle for the best.

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  • The spinning workout DVD must first have training guides that bring a wide range of real world challenges to your indoor training.  These guides must be comprehensive and properly illustrated.
  • What makes spinning fun and motivating is energizing music.  When selecting a Spinning Workout DVD, ensure that it has original composition energizing and rhythmic music that will make your workouts fun and memorable.
  • If your spinning workouts will include images, pay close attention to the quality of the video image and if possible go for a DVD with a range of amazing locations.
  • The best spinning DVD is one that makes all your spinning workouts unique and interesting.  Choose from workout DVDs that offer the widest range of exercising routes that make your workouts the most realistic cycling experiences as possible.
  • Lastly, choose a workout DVD that has a clean and elegant digital dashboard with terrain profiles, countdown timers and other useful tools ideal for all spinning workouts.


Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning …
“I own several spinning dvds (Spinervals, MUCH BETTER WORKOUT) and … It is not a workout dvd in the sense that one would think from the way it looks.”

Amazon Reviews
Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Maximum Results DVD (DVD)
this program was exactly what I was looking for.The instructor takes you through a very motivating and intense workout. you do not need the computer that the class uses, it is easy to just follow along with the routine.I am glad I bought the videos and look forward to getting more from the same instructor.

Best  Spinning Workout DVD

Reviews 2:  This is an excellent workout..and the instructor is the best I have had…I have been in the GYM spinning classes and this is way more intense a much better workout…yes they use the spinning computer but you don’t need it, I have all of the spinning workouts and have been using them for over a year with no spinning computer, I just follow the pace of the instructor, but I would strongly suggest you purchase a heart rate monitor…and I would suggest this for anyone who exercises. If you love spinning then don’t even waste your time on any other videos I have purchased them all and these are the ones I bought last because there were no reviews and I so wish I wouldn’t have wasted my time or money on the others…This is by far the BEST!!!

IS this the best Spinning workout DVD?

Some people really like this Spinning Workout DVD and a few do not however I would recommend this for at a good spinning workout at home no problem.

The bottom line just start and get going and fine tune and change up later.
So “JUST DO IT” Spinning works and is FUN!



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