Why the Fitness Spinning Vancouver Canada is My Most Memorable

By   July 11, 2014

Although it may sound like a relatively new phenomenon, spinning is a form of exercise that has been around since the early 90s but it is often plainly referred to as ‘still cycling’ or ‘indoor cycling’. I have been spinning in Vancouver ever since I was in college after I was introduced by a friend as the best alternative to jogging, and I have never looked back since. As a form of aerobic exercise, spinning fitness is intensive but it offers the freedom to work out at your own pace without being isolated by the rest of the class.Fitness Spinning Vancouver


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“Spinning. Ready to blast away fat, tone your butt and thighs, and sweat like you’ve never sweat before? It’s time to try a spinning class in Vancouver next time it is pissing rain!”

If you’re someone who loves fitness spinning classes Vancouver has plenty. However not all spinning classes are the same. We boldly claim that we have some of the best fitness spin instructors in town. With loud, upbeat music get ready to blast away fat, tone your butt and thighs, and sweat like you’ve never sweat before. Our clients tell us it’s the best spinning fitness class Vancouver has!

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These type of workout classes are an extremely popular fitness cardio workout as they are a way to burn tons of calories while toning your muscles and getting an awesome total body workout. Performed in a group fitness setting with a motivating instructor, spin class is an exciting way to get fit via bike, and you don’t have to pay attention to staying in the right lane.

Your spin class instructor will guide you along a varying workout course on your stationary bike, including warm-ups, hills, intervals and cool-downs. You can also adjust your resistance and speed to suit your preferences, or push yourself hard to reach your fitness goals faster.

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I have had my most memorable and fulfilling workouts in Vancouver at the fitness spinning Vancouver club where I got the opportunity to try the workout, at the same intensity I am used to, but with a better quality bike and shoes designed for spinning.  It is now clear to me that spinning will not be effective just because you have a heart for it, it takes investing in the right equipment to have an enjoyable and involving workout.

If you are planning on joining a fitness workout session in Vancouver, whether to lose weight, gain muscle mass or get a strength and stamina boost, it is imperative that you do your research and purchase the right equipment the first time to have a lasting positive impression in the workout.

Vancouver has some great Fitness places as Vancouver is known for it’s amount of rain so joining a fitness club that has a good Fitness Spinning Bikes is a great option through those days when you cannot get out and do an bike ride or another outdoor fitness program. So next time it is raining in Vancouver and you feel like some exercise hit a fitness gym in Vancouver that has all the above.

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Vancouver Fitness Spin A Thon For Charity

The Fitness Spinning freaks put in 2 hours of their time to to support "Michael's Ride Don't Hide campaign," to help him, Michael Schratter, a Vancouver teacher cycling around the world to raise awareness of mental illness and shatter the stigma surrounding where all proceeds go towards supporting the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division's youth mental health initiatives.