Essential Spinning Class Weight Loss Rules you Must Know

Everyone knows that weight loss is not easy, even when concept of using up more calories in a day than the intake calories is clear and well understood. While technology has presented us with newer, faster and in some cases cheaper alternatives, exercising, getting rest and eating healthy remains the most effective and most recommended way for weight loss and get back in shape. The difficulty is in finding the most effective way to achieve this.

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“May 26, 2013 … I have had students in the past ask me why they cannot achieve weight loss when they … I attended my first Spinning class many, many years ago.”

I attended my first Spinning class many, many years ago to try and lose some extra pounds. I didn’t even know what Spinning was at the time. I just knew my regular cardio kickboxing class (remember cardio kickboxing?) was cancelled, and Spinning was scheduled in its place.

I came into the Spinning studio expecting some kind of twirl-y dance-aerobics class, but when I walked in to find a cluster of stationary bikes at the center of the room I thought, “that probably makes more sense.”

I’ll admit, I did not love my first Spinning class.

In fact, I mostly hated Spinning for about a month

But after dragging myself back to my Spinning classes again and again I am now proud to admit: I’m an addict. And my body certainly shows for it.

But….ever heard of too much of a good thing?

Yep, it’s even possible with burning calories. An average Spinning class burns about 500-1000 Cals.  After burning that kind energy, you’re going to be hungry—very hungry. If you take a Spinning class before work, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to stuff your face all day to keep your energy up. If you go to spinning class after work, there’s a good chance you’ll be eating a very heavy dinner before bedtime (which is a known fat inducer). When I first started taking a Spinning class, I ate double what I should have.Spin For Fun

I wondered why I wasn’t  have any weight loss …and why I was still bothering to come to class.

The solution? Proper nutrition. Burning calories is not enough to lose pounds especially when you’re making up all those cals used with more cals taken in. Eating foods that are high in protein and fiber (like lean meats, eggs, nuts, fruits, and veggies) and low in hunger-spiking carbs and sugar (processed foods, breads, pasta, rice, desserts) will keep you full in much smaller amounts, fueling you for intense exercise without overfeeding you.

Avoiding Metabolic Distress

Basic diet ideology tells us to burn more cals than we consume. While this is great in theory, the truth is, many of us are control freaks and will end up burning much more than we consume, which can be unhealthy.

Consuming too few cals, which is surprisingly easy to do when regularly attending a hard cardio class such as Spinning, can slow down your metabolism. This is your body’s self-defense mechanism.

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Your body thinks it’s in a state of famine and kicks into survival mode, holding onto every ounce of fat it can—exactly the opposite of what you want.

Thus, to lose weight while doing intense exercise like  a Spinning class, you really have two option:

1) Strike a healthy balance between starving yourself and gorging yourself (most likely by tracking calories, eating a protein- and fiber-rich diet, and/or listening to your body’s natural hunger cues—easier said than done; or

2) Keep your intense cardio / Spinning class schedule to a few days a week (though this is also much easier said than done…Spinning is very addictive).

When I finally figured out how to balance my diet to support my Spinning  addiction, my body whipped itself into shape faster than I could say “gel seat.”

The moral of this story? Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see 500 calories worth of weight loss every day your first month.

Weight loss is a tricky balancing that works best with a smart combination of fitness and nutrition. A Spinning class, matched with a healthy diet, is a great way to achieve you goals.

There are dozens of effective weight loss workouts out there today but spinning remains one of the most recommended ways to go about it.  There are many gyms and studios offering a spinning class so that people who want to connect with other enthusiasts and work out at their own pace can register and be a part of the team that works out together and motivates each other.


Before you sign up for a spinning class, first determine your workout objectives and have a clear mind on what to expect at the end of the workouts.  Spinning is an amazing workout you can use to get fit and healthy, lose a few extra pounds but retain your shape, build up muscle mass and stamina or just socialize and gain greater strength.  The best thing about spinning class weight loss is that you determine your pace, you set your objectives and you get to monitor your progress.

Get Spinning today!
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