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There are all kinds of spinning bikes in the market today – there are spinning bikes that sells for as little as $200 and there are others that that sell for as much as $2,000.  While the price should not be the baseline for judging spinning bikes, the general rule is that pricier machines typically feature studier designs, more and advanced features and offer the best workouts and safety while the cheaper ones are more likely to be ‘plainer’.

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Picking the Best Home Spinning Bike for 2015

Why do I need a Spinning Bike when I already exercise?Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

With a new crop of bikes out for the start of the New Year fitness season it’s worth a look to see which are the best.  Spinning is a great form of exercise and is the fastest way of burning fat in your own home.  Not only that, but it will keep your heart strong and keep you fit, especially during cold winter months.

What makes a good Spinning Bike?

At the heart of any spinning bike is the flywheel.  Anything about 35-40lbs is ideal.  A good heavy weight will make the bike feel smooth and much easier to manage at high resistance levels.  Better bikes will have even wheels that turn smoothly with very little wobble.

A good indicator to quality is the warranty period.  Anything over a year is good, but the longer the better. If the manufacturer does not have faith that the bike will last more than 12 months, why should you?

Pedals are another key item.   As you are riding a fixed wheel bike (the pedals keep turning if the flywheel is moving), it is important that you are attached to the pedals with clips.  These can either be toe clips, which can be used with any form of trainer, or preferably cleats.  Cleats are found on special bike shoes, and the normal system is the Shimano SPD cleats.

It is also important to consider the frame, you want this to be as solid and supportive as possible, and also the handlebars.  These should be strong enough not to flex.  It’s also handy if they have a water bottle rest on them.

Finally, Spin Bikes are generally “no frills” and you are unlikely to find them equipped with computers etc.  Our advice is to wear a heart rate monitor to keep your heart rate up during your exercise.

 I am not implying that if you are looking for the best spinning bike it will have to cost you an arm and a leg though; getting a high quality, efficient and fully-featured spinning bike that offers a good workout at a bargain price is not uncommon, but it will take some searching and often comparing before settling for one.  In such a situation, it is best to find reliable information from spinning bike reviews written by other customers who have had a chance to try various spin bikes.

Before choosing which spinning bike to buy, be sure to understand all the options available to you within your budget and make an informed selection based on all the important criteria including build, quality, durability, effectiveness, available features and brand name to be sure you are investing in a machine that will bring the best out of your muscles and body.

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