Reasons Why You Should Join a Lifetime Fitness Spinning Class

Whenever I mention the idea of a spinning class, most people I talk to wonder why they would choose a spinning class instead of just buying a bike – or just enroll in an aerobics class.  The reason is not so simple as to fit a single or few sentences, but there are tangible benefits to joining a spin call or better yet a lifetime fitness spinning class if you care about your health and/or your appearance or are just seeking the most motivating ways to keep exercising. Plus any one ask that has never tried a Spin Class.

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First off, spinning classes are very energetic, inspiring and you can get to give your 100 percent even without knowing.  The music they play and the shouts from the instructor are psychologically tailored to push your body harder, hence keeping you going to use all the energy reserves that your body would otherwise hide from you.  Another reason is that spinning classes gives a holistic body workout that works the muscles in the thighs, butt, core, back and arms, not just the legs.  When you join a spinning class weather a one off or a lifetime fitness class, you will be joining a number of other people with similar interest and objectives and you will get to network and get inspiration to keep going even when your head seems to want to convince you otherwise.

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Here’s an interesting article with Lifetime Fitness and something we hope you don’t run into as you build a relationship with your trainer or instructor of course not just at Lifetime Fitness but at any spin class you may take.

Lifetime Fitness Spinning Instructor Fired Over Tweet | Fitness …
“A crumpled McDonald’s bag sat on a table in an office at Lifetime Fitness in Rockville. Huh. That’s ironic, Grant Hill thought to himself on his way out after teaching a spinning class. He whipped out his cell phone, snapped a …”

He whipped out his cell phone, snapped a photo, and pressed the send tweet button.
He thought twice about sending that tweet, but did it anyway. “I’m always trying to hold other health practitioners and healthy-minded companies accountable.”
But apparently Lifetime Fitness felt Hill took it one step too far. “Corporate contacted the head of the group fitness department, who then asked me to remove the tweet,” he explained.

In an e-mail back to the Lifetime company, Hill told them he was “reluctant” to take down the tweet, but would do so if he could have a discussion on the dangers of fast food in the company’s popular magazine, Experience Life.

Instead, Hill says the company’s reply defended McDonald’s, stating that the restaurant was making strides to provide healthier menu options to its customers. Soon after, the general manager told him that they would have to “part ways” professionally, because his response was insubordinate.

But then, Hill says, Lifetime backtracked, claiming he was fired for a different reason.

In an e-mail sent to ABC7, a spokesperson for the company said, “While our company has in place a social media policy . . . his separation was not due to social media interaction. Rather, he violated our company code of conduct, specifically by operating a business that was in violation of our conflict of interest policy.”

Hill does, in fact, operate a separate business—a training company called My Bootcamp. However, Hill says Lifetime was already aware of My Bootcamp. He’s been with Lifetime for three years and has had his own company for two years.

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The instructor says he’s not losing much since being fired; after all, he was only teaching one spinning class a week. What he has lost, however, is the strong community of students he built up over the past three years. “It’s sad that it was just wiped away so quickly. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.”

Now, Hill is looking to open his own cycle studio, called Shift. He plans for it to have a dance-club atmosphere with live deejays. Stay tuned.

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