Healthy Workplace with LifeSpan Fitness

LifeSpan makes great cardio equipment and a spin bike this is available for home use, great quality and priced to suit your budget!

lifetime fitness spinning class

Experience the New Healthy Workplace with LifeSpan Fitness

““The “LifeSpan Workplace Experience’ will be a showroom for the LifeSpan Products,” said Jonathan Edelheit, President of the EHBC. “The Workplace Experience will feature LifeSpan’s workplace solutions like their treadmill and bike desks, multi-work solutions, conference room options and accessories. Along with these features, LifeSpan has also sponsored a white paper discussing the how treadmill desks can affect a company.”

An originator in the active office movement since 2011, LifeSpan is committed to bringing activity back to the workspace. As the global leader in professional active workstations, LifeSpan treadmill and bike desks blend professionalism with functionality to ensure zero disruption and limitless value. Crafted for use by single professionals, teams, or by entire companies as a whole, Workplace helps you and your company progress as you work, one step at a time.

Life Span Fitness have a huge range of carido execrise fitness equipment including spinning fitness bikes that cater to all. Fitness Spin bikes helps you to burn calories, lose weight and get fit in a great fun way and now the Spinning Bikes are all very affordable.

You can check out their Spinning Bikes here

LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike

Have FUN and Get Fit!

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