What are the Best Fitness Spinning DVDs to Buy

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Just like with every popular workout, finding the right DVDs to use as guides for spin workouts classes can be difficult because there are just so many of them on offer – some world-class and some junk.  Some fitness spin DVDs are designed and made to be soothing and inspire tranquil while others are fast paced and noisy, some based on tour de France and others thematic based on production location.  The right fitness spinning videos for you often depends on what you expect and can help you achieve your goals or completely ruin your chances of going ahead.

Fitness Results Spinning DVDs Set

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

At first I was not too sure of my purchase but after trying the set of Fitness Spinning disc’s for about 2 weeks now I can see a real difference. Training indoor has never been better. With these videos you will enjoy training indoor more than training outdoor. You will get to do some very specific workout that will improve your fitness and get you in shape for you coming A race. The workout in those videos are well paced through 3 intensity level per disc , from very low to very high . I would recommend this set to any serious cyclist out there who is willing to train right , specially those who can find enough time to do outdoor training. With these dvds will be able to equal or better outdoor training by staying indoor and doing the workouts over the given period of time , the longest workout goes all the way to 2 hrs plus. But most of them are over 45 to 1 hour long. Enough to effective . More suited for preseason but also proper for season training.Fitness JohnnyGWat

Fitness Results – Indoor Fitness Spinning Training Series 3 workouts per DVDs – PLUS 20 minute spinning specific stretching routine…Over 21 hours of training! With introductions by Joe Friel, MS, arguably the most knowledgeable cycling coach in the U.S. – Bicycling Magazine A functional back-to-basics workout series with proper warm-up and cool-down periods, cycling specific stretching exercises, and contains novice, intermediate, and advanced workouts. The power of the DVD format allows participants to mix and match on screen workouts to match workouts prescribed by their coaches.

Best Fitness Spinning Gel Bike Seat

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So, how do you choose the best DVD for your spinning classes?  First, determine what kind of a spinner you are and understand what inspires or energizes you.  Some people would prefer a natural forest track as the cycling environment for their fitness routines while others prefer a deserted straight road.  You should also determine what music inspires you and what other features the DVDs you settle for must have.  There are of course a ton of other features to look at when shopping for a fitness spinning DVDs including the workout style, duration of workouts, price and added options such as mix and match and the option to create your own terrains and workout pace.

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