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My name is Johnny Watson A.K.A   Johnny Wat 

“I like all kinds of fitness and love Fitness Spinning for exercise as for me the least boring way to get your cardio done.” “I believe Life with health,wellness and fitness will ensure that we well all have more enjoyment, high self-esteem and more positive energy in our lives.”

Spinning for FitnessFitness JohnnyGWat
At this time in my life I am into learning, teaching what I learned and having fun doing it as well sharing it with my children through the years.

I set-up this website, Fitness Spinning to give a complete overview on how to get motivated to stay and/or get fit, get set-up with the best equipment for your budget and needs and how to use it, and I hope to cover all that and more to get into Fitness Spinning over the coming months and years.

Please Join Me! Johnny
Contact: info@funkyfreshdesigns.com
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